Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sore Feet and Nothing Else

My feet hurt. A lot. I ran out of my pain pills long ago, so I asked some of my parents friends for a few of theirs. That's the up side of being surrounded by chronic pain people, I guess. But I ran out of those too.
I hate pain pills. They make me dizzy and lightheaded, and, I suspect, high. But I hate pain worse.
Now I'm out, I walked about forty feet yesterday, and all I have is Advil. Well, I actually just took the last one, so now I'm officially out.
Stupid doctors not giving me the proper amount. Stupid me for not rationing the ones I had properly. Stupid... people. Well I'm calling people stupid, I might as well say how stupid the people at NBC are for cancelling Heroes.
I'm going to go check and see if I have any sleeping pills left. I might take those and just sleep until the pain isn't so bad.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fixed laptops and Neurologist visits

Well, just got my laptop back today. My little sister was using it and dropped it, which ripped out the charge cord so violently it broke it. But, all fixed now.
I went to go see my neurologist yesterday. He was talking to me about drug trials to slow the progression of CMT.
The first one is mega dose of vitamin C. 2000 grams a day, I think, but you can do more, since vitamin C is water soluable. The second is Coenzyme Q10, and the third is actually just a much more concentrated version of it.
So I think I'll be trying the Vitamin C one because I already have some in my house and I don't want to go find the others.
Also, did you know that rats can have CMT? Poor rats...