Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sore Feet and Nothing Else

My feet hurt. A lot. I ran out of my pain pills long ago, so I asked some of my parents friends for a few of theirs. That's the up side of being surrounded by chronic pain people, I guess. But I ran out of those too.
I hate pain pills. They make me dizzy and lightheaded, and, I suspect, high. But I hate pain worse.
Now I'm out, I walked about forty feet yesterday, and all I have is Advil. Well, I actually just took the last one, so now I'm officially out.
Stupid doctors not giving me the proper amount. Stupid me for not rationing the ones I had properly. Stupid... people. Well I'm calling people stupid, I might as well say how stupid the people at NBC are for cancelling Heroes.
I'm going to go check and see if I have any sleeping pills left. I might take those and just sleep until the pain isn't so bad.

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