Thursday, June 3, 2010


Doctors. I have too many of them for someone my age. And I think my poor health is catching. The only friend I really have had gone to the doctor twice in five years when I started- well, I was gonna say 'hanging out with her', but really, its more like talking to her (even tho we had gone to the same school for eight years. And it wasn't a big school). Now she go's and see's a doctor every month, it seems, and now her doctor has sent her to a neurologist, for reasons that are very scary to me. Mostly because my grandmother listed them when she was telling me the symptoms of a brain tumor (yes, that is the type of conversation I have with my grandmother, who, by the way, is probably a narrsisist. Or a sociopath. No joke).
Anyways, she's going to a Neuroligist, so I was telling her mine is great, and she asked me how many doctors I actuslly had. Hence, another list.
-Dr. Kahanivitch, the doctor I go to when I'm sick. He's actually a horrible doctor (he give's away patient information, phone's in pharscriptions for pain medician without seeing the patient, and stuff like that)
-Dr. Lindsay, the doctor I go to when I need refills on my medication (Gabapenton, Prozac [for my mild OCD], and sleeping pills which I don't know the name of)
-Dr. Phearson (or something like that), my Orthopedic person.
-Dr. Skulsky, my awesome neuroligist. I was his first patient, wwhich might freak some people out, but I like it.
-Dr... her name escapes me, but she's a genetisist.
-Dr. Jellicoe, the surgeon I might hurt if it turns out he made my feet different sizes.
-Dr. Sam, who is a phyciatrist. She's nice. I get to talk about whatever, which I used to do with my dad's exgirlfriend, but, you know, she's ex now. Mostly because she stopped taking her pills and lost her mind. I kinda hope she started taking them again, but whatever. I mostly use Dr. Sam to complain about my stepdad, who is a better person than a lot of parents out there, but a lot worse also.

Anyways. I think I'm suffering from Grey's Anatomy withdrawl. My dad brought me the fourth season on DVD, and I watched it in two days, then went back and watched the first three seasons again. Now I'm done that. So I'm using my doctors instead. Ahhh.
Also, anyone see the Grey's season finaly? I was talking to a friend on MSN the entire time, and making her laugh at how much I was freaking out. She doesn't watch Grey's.

I have to go... sleep, maybe. Or make some eggs. One or the other.
Bye bye.

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