Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random Pain

Hello, random people who may or may not exist who read my blog-type-thing!
My foot hurts like someone took a hammer to it!
No, seriously. I can't walk on it, I can't move my toes, or my ankle, or touch it in anyway or it feels almost as bad as it did waking up from surgery, except instead of my entire foot (and the other one too), its like this line of incredible pain. Freaking fricking fnicking hell.
Oh, also, I recently made a round trip visiting all my doctors trying to get them to prescribe my pain killers, as I am in PAIN. This is basically how it went;
Me: Hey, Dr. Kahavavitch, I'm dying of pain. Can you prescribe me something that would help.
Dr. K: Uhhh, take a advil.
-Go to next doctor-
Me: Hey, Dr. Jellicoe, you messed up my feet and now I'm in MORE PAIN THAN BEFORE!! Want to give me something for that?
Dr (actually, I doubt that he's an actual doctor). J: Well, in 10% of patient that have this surgery, we see recurring, intense pain after they are all healed. We don't know why. I recommend you take advil.
-Storms off to next doctor, after hitting Jellicoe over the head with a tuna fish-
Me: Hey, Dr. Skulsky, you're a really nice doctor who is young and oddly attractive, I'm in pain. Pain killers?
Dr. S: Advil should fix that.
-hits myself with tuna fish, go's to my next doctor-
Me: Dr. McPherson, you're very old and I think you have Alzheimer's. Can you prescribe me pain killers?
Dr. McP: Uhhhh... who are you?
Me: I'm the person in pain.
Dr. McP: Oh! Advils good for that.
-facepalms, goes to the next doctor-
Me: Hi, Dr. Lindsay. Haven't seen you in a while.
Dr. Lindsay: Thats because I refereed you off to a bunch of specialty doctors.
Me: Who happen to me idiots. I'm in freaking pain! And they want me to take ADVIL!!!
Dr. Lindsay: Oh, dear. Well, I'll prescribe you some T3's.
Me: You are officially the only sane doctor in Winnipeg.

That may not be the actual script, but you get the gist of it is.
Anyways, so I got pain killers. Which are doing nothing for my dying foot, but for my other pain it really helps. Oh, and she refereed me to the pain clinic! I knew I liked that woman.

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