Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walking Casts and Sadistic Nurses

Well, I finally got my walking casts for my two broken feet! A few days under six weeks of not being able to walk, and now I have the go ahead from my very nice British doctor that I dislike very much for recommending the damn surgery in the first place.
However, have you ever not done something for six weeks? When you are finally allowed to do it, it seems like you cant really. And being told constantly for six weeks not to, for any reason, well, that's makes it harder.
So I've been trying to get myself to stand up, which I still cant do completely. I can kinda partly stand up, holding onto the arm rests on my wheelchair and pushing myself up. I can stay that way for maybe ten seconds before I give up and fall back down.
Here's the thing; I have CMT, and part of it is that I cant build muscle in my legs, and maybe my arms? I'm not sure about the arms, but the point is, I don't know how much muscle I lost in my legs. If I lost too much, that could be a big part of why I cant stand up. But, I'm more of a glass-half-empty person.
Well, I'll keep trying. But I am never ever ever having surgery for any non-life-threatening reason ever. EVER.
As for the getting my feet into walking casts, that made my Most Painful Things list, which is something like;
1. Waking up from surgery when they hadn't given me any pain killers yet.
2. Getting my feet into the walking casts.
3. Getting hit by a bike.
4. Breaking my toe.
5. Being stung by a wasp. (I had been stung by tons before, but this one hurt like hell)
Yeah. I like lists.. Looking at this list I find it odd that the fractured rib didn't make the top 5. But those hurt more.
I have to go help my mom blow up balloons for my sisters birthday tomorrow.

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