Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm not even sixteen yet.
I can't walk properly.
I can't stand without shifting my weight back and forth because my ankles are too weak.
I spend every second of my life in pain.
I have more doctors than friends.
I've been high; but not off any drugs that most people my age are using. No. I've been high off pain medication that I take because I'm in pain.
I'm afraid to even consider starting driving because my legs twitch violently, which could be a problem what with the using your feet for brakes and speed.
I can' wear skinny jean because they don't fit over my leg braces.
I'm too tired most days to do anything, so I never leave my house except for school, doctors, and grocerys.
The constant pain doesn't make me very nice. So kids at school don't exactly go out of their way to speak to me.
Besides, I don't even know how to talk to people.
I'm a teenager. But I'm not. My insides arre old. My skin is young.
And I need to get new shower curtains.


  1. all transitions are the worst- beginning of a school year, moving, whatever it may be . . . sorry to hear about all of the pain. Sending lots of good wishes your way!

  2. hi, i'm a french student in medicine (aged of 19 years) and i'm looking for some people who can help me. some member of my family live your pain. We live with charcot marie tooth 1B and a chronic guillain barré. recently my aunt resist drug (she received some cure of immunoglobulin, cancer therapy ...) but in america i believe that doctors are the best specialists. would you tell me what kind of drug you receive ? i'm scared about the rapid evolution, now in my family : legs, hands, and face are affected

    my email is if you want to answer me