Thursday, October 28, 2010

Broken laptops and Halloween

So, my laptop broke. That's why I haven't been on here forever.
I'm a writer (in the way that I write... I'm not published or anything), and not being able to have a way to write... I lost my mind. Seriously, I did. If my laptop had been at the fixing place one more day I would of ended up in the In Patient wing of the Phych Health wing instead of the Out Patient wing.
Oh yeah, my phychiatrist went on maternity leave, and for some reason she advised that I be given... two phych people in her absence.
I know. Who the hell has TWO separate phych people?
Uh... no offence if you do. I do too, after all.

Halloween is coming! Its truly my favorite holiday. What other day do you get to dress up like anything or anyone you want and go around demanding candy from your neighbours?
Over the past week, I've had a stomach flu so I was put in charge of all the Halloween stuff, eg. Costumes, cookies, decorating, and organizing a trick or treating group.
Yes, I'm a little old to be trick or treating, and I actually haven't gone for the past two years, but I was talking with an old friend who's nineteen, and she talked me into it.
So, Halloween night, me, my friends Sarah, Paige, and Gen, Gen's friend Alex, my little sister, and my little sisters friend Sidney (who is the coolest kid ever, honestly) will be running around dressed as assorted things (I'm the Mad Hatter, my sister is this goth ragdoll thing, and Gen's... a Superman pirate with ninja skills who glows in the dark. Yeah. The others wont tell me what they're being)
So, it should be fun. I wont be able to walk for days after, and I'm kinda relying on a mix of a sugar high and pain killers to get me through the night, but... still. It'll be fun.


  1. Hey, next time your laptop is broken, you can use pen and paper to write down your thoughts. I know if I am in a writing mood I have to get it down right away or I completely forget.
    Enjoy your Halloween!!!

  2. My hands cramp up after holding a pen for ten seconds, plus they shake so badly I can't really read it later. Hence why I haver a laptop in the first place. But thanks for the thought.
    Enjoy your Halloween too!