Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What? What is this? I'M NOT DEAD??

Nope, I'm not. I just kinda got sidetracked by... well, everything else on the internet.
-insert self promotion-
Twitter -I finally got sucked into it.
Tumblr -I'm basically always on there.
And, you know, if you like Fanfiction...
So, its been just under a year since I've posted here... What's happened?
Well... Oh, my surgeon fired me. Good ridence. I went to Mexico. I climbed a mountain in Mexico with a broken foot, which I wasn't aware was broken.
I'm in more pain then ever before. My surgery scars have mostly faded away, although there are dents in my foot bones now, so they're all lumpy and shit.

(This was one and a half years after my surgery, exactly)

Taken right after I got my casts off for the final time, well I was waiting for the xray so they could check that everything was, in fact, no longer broken.

The casts had to stay on longer then normal because a cut got infected, my surgeon didn't notice it the first time he examined my feet after the surgery, and it festered for another week. The cut on my heel is the one. You can't really see, but the infection actually started eating away at my flesh. I had a big hole which was oozzing. Luckly, with everything else going on, I couldn't feel it.

To give you an idea of how bad the infected one was, this was not infected.

I was the nurses favorite patient.
I mean, the only other people I saw being treated there were screaming babies and th occasional teenager complaining REALLY loudly whenever the nurses tried to clean their wounds, and I sat there making conversation and taking pictures, admiring the grossness.
After a month, though, I really wanted to shave my legs.

Okay, enough pictures.

(Tumblr taught me how to insert them into a text post. I didn't know how before)

What else has happened? Hmm. Well, I fell in love, the type of love that makes every moment both so incredibly fantastic as well as makes it feel like something is living inside you, clawing out your stomache and chewing on your heart.

I fell out of love.

I had a girlfriend for all of a week before we decided we were way better off as friends, but we aren't nearly as close as we were before we went out.

I went to Chicago to visit my family down there. I was there for a week, and we only went shopping and went to Six Flags. I would have rather gone to a muesuem. But I did win a giant green stuffed squid at Skee-Ball.

I'm very good at Skee-Ball.

Uhm... hmmm. Other stuff happened. Its been a year, after all.

I'm going to try and post more frequently this year, because this has been pretty pathetic.

So... I'm going to sleep, now. Laila Tov, my loves.


  1. Hi Serpa! Just found your blog - thanks so much for writing about your experiences with CMT. I have CMT as well - was diagnosed 8 years ago. It looks like you might also be lesbian/bi/queer - me too! Thanks for being out in all the ways :)

    Btw, if you're ever interested in chatting with other CMTers, I created a chat website called CMT Speaks ( People go on it randomly so you have to just see if anyone's there when you want to talk. Some folks from the CMT Facebook group go on there on Tuesday evenings, Eastern Standard Time.

    Anyway, thanks again for getting the message out there!! Hope this note finds you well :)


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